Retreats at Dromantine

Dromantine | Retreats At Dromantine The Prayer Room and Grounds

We organise a number of retreats/functions each year which are open to all who wish to avail of them. If you are interested in any of these, full details can be obtained by contacting Dromantine.

We are very happy to accommodate groups who wish to organise their own retreats, conferences, seminars workshops and functions in Dromantine

The extensive, beautiful grounds and the pleasant walks create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere conducive to prayer, reflection and rest. The beauty of nature and creation around the grounds, lake and woodlands gives one a deeper awareness of the God of Creation and is an invitation to be in closer communion with such a loving God.

As well as the recently refurbished Prayer Room and Chapel one can find other quiet, comfortable spaces in which to pray. All these combine to make Dromantine a perfect place for any kind of retreat.


Upcoming Retreats

Date Retreat Name Description: Contact
16/04/14 - 20/04/14 Preached Retreat. Holy Week Triduum. Mossie Kelleher SMA Send Enquiry
13/05/14 - 20/05/14 Directed Retreat. Directed Retreat. Nora McCarthy PBVM and Mike Drennan SJ. Send Enquiry
13/05/14 - 20/05/14 Preached Retreat. Preached Retreat. Rev. Ruth Patterson and Des Corrigan SMA. "Meeting with Jesus". Send Enquiry
23/06/14 - 26/06/14 Workshop for Religious and Diocesan Leaders Workshop for Religious and Diocesan Leaders. Hugh Lagan PhD SMA. Strength Based Leadership: from conflict to collaboration: Strategies that work. Send Enquiry
09/09/14 - 16/09/14 Preached Retreat. Preached Retreat. Denis McBride CSSR. "Jesus and Discipleship". FULLY BOOKED. Send Enquiry
09/09/14 - 16/09/14 Directed Retreat. Directed Retreat: Frank Downes OP & Nora Mc Carthy PBVM Send Enquiry
13/10/14 - 20/10/14 Directed Retreat. Directed Retreat; Dermot Mansfield SJ and Des Corrigan SMA Send Enquiry
14/10/14 - 20/10/14 Preached Retreat. Preached Retreat. Daniel O'Leary. "Let Love Heal your Life". Send Enquiry
12/12/14 - 14/12/14 Advent Retreat Advent Retreat: Des Corrigan SMA A time to prepare to celebrate Christ coming into our world and into our hearts. Send Enquiry